Project Log (Nestbox 2016)

Nestbox 3


Software: The Raspberry Pi will be running Linux Raspian and transfer a picture over the Internet to an online service, like Twitter.

What I am going to use:
A Nestbox
A Raspberry Pi B+
Raspberry Pi 5 Mpixel Camera
USB Wi-FI adapter

I will continue to update this blog post about the progress, and eventually, a link to the webpage with the images.

2016-01-01: Designing a new nestbox with sketchup.

2016-04-16: Taking down last years nestbox and the conclusion is that the design should be altered. I found about 20 spiders and lot of web and nesting around the Pi and the Wi-Fi-adapter, one spider had made a web directly on the board, right behind the CPU. It must have been warm and cosy there during the winter. Making a nestbox that looks more like the first version with the right below the roof.

2016-04-17: Trying out the script/program Uploadr for uploading images to Flickr but can’t get it right. Leaving it with Twitter connection at the moment and upload to my webserver.

2016-04-18: New nestbox made. Doing last minute configuration, soon to be placed in the garden. Because of the improved layout of the Raspberry Pi B+ (same as Pi 2 and Pi 3) I replaced the old Pi A. Now both the Pi and a large Wi-Fi adapter fits in a relative small space right below the nestbox roof.

Fil 000

Fil 001